The pre-built forms in Web Easy are submitted using the default email program on the computer that is viewing the web site. This works in most cases, however sometimes it will not, in particular if visitors to your site do not have their email program configured correctly, or if they are using AOL's web browser. This problem can be solved by changing the form so that it is submitted to a "form mailer" script on your web server instead. You will need to contact your hosting provider to find out if they have a form mailer script you can use, and what its URL is. Solution Note: This solution is only applicable for Web Easy Professional, as it requires the Custom Script Assistant which is not included in Web Easy. 1) In Web Easy Professional, drag a form onto your web page 2) a box will pop-up for the html action 3) Replace the e-mail action in your script with the URL of the form mailer script on your server. before: ' Form'; after: 'http://your_isp/cgi-bin/email.cgi'; ...note that you will have to replace http://your_isp/cgi-bin/email.cgi with the actual URL of your hosting provider's form mailer script . 4) Click OK to accept the above changes. When doing this you may - depending on the form mailer script - need to build your site as standard HTML as opposed to Dynamic HTML. Make sure the Dynamic HTML box is not checked on the Build Web Site screen.

Most CGI scripts require you to identify the sender using a hidden field.1) The hidden field is located in C:\Program Files\VCOM\Web Easy Professional 6\Objects\Objects - Advanced\Fields2) drag a hidden field into the form container3) select it then go to the inspector window4) select custom script > object events 5) You want to add the valueNAME="recipient" VALUE=""NOTE: Replace the value line with the correct email address. Please save these changes. This should create a form that submits using a form mailer script.