When installing PowerDesk, you may receive an error stating "Serial number in use". Typically, the cause of this error message is due to a problem communicating with our server to validate your serial number.  If the software is unable to communicate with our server, it will return this error message.

To correct this issue, the first thing we recommend is that you make sure you are connected to the internet.  Then, you will want to make sure there are no firewalls or routers between your computer and your internet connection.  These may block the communication with our server.  You will want to temporarily disable these potential obstacles for communicating with our server.  Then, start the installation of the program once more, but leave the serial number field blank. This will install the software in trial mode.

After the program is installed, launch the program.  Then, go to the About screen in the program and select the option to enter a serial number.  Enter the serial number and click OK.  You will receive a message stating "New serial number registered OK".  At this point, the serial number has been successfully validated with our server.  You can then re-enable any firewall/router that was disabled during this process.

If you continue to receive a message stating the serial number is in use after trying the above, please submit a ticket to our Technical Support department.  Please include your serial number with the description of the problem.